For Everything You Never Knew You Always Wanted.

Hey Quirky Crew!

WOW, we have been super busy creating our new store! 
It’s amazing how many “Quirky” things we actually have in stock now that we have the room to display it correctly! 

If you have been into The Quirky Chair before you would know that it use to be a teeny tiny shop squeezed into the corner of FUSE @ the gallery (our sister store, which is an amazing hair salon) We had things everywhere! Tucked into every corner we could get and stacked up as high as we could..
We are super excited to now have a beautiful store you guys can walk around, try on clothes, smell our huge range of candles, have a giggle at our wall of cards and shop for that perfect gift !  
If you haven’t already, pop in and say Hi!

xx Kayla.